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Pete Kenney and Danielle Dusselier-Kenney

Pete Kenney and Danielle Dusselier-Kenney

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A little bit about Danielle and Pete.

Pete Kenney and Danielle Dusselier-Kenney are among the most highly successful Husband and Wife Teams in the KC Metro, having sold over $55 Million in Sales Volume from 2012-2016.  They take great pride in not simply being the average Realtor. Especially in this challenging market, clients deserve a motivated, educated, intelligent Realtor working on their behalf, and that is exactly what they can provide.   Pete has a legal background, and doesn't  just show homes and engage in conversation.  What he does is use his brain, marketing,  and negotiating skills to get you the very best end result that is obtainable.  Pete and Danielle really do take pride in achieving this.  They look out for the details, Pete has Legal Background,  is a contract expert, and as a team, they make every effort to see that the end result is the best possible situation for their great many of satisfied clients.   

Danielle grew up here in Lee's Summit, is a wonderful Buyer's Agent, and the Kenney-Dusselier Team takes great pride in making sure that they take all the time and effort that you would need, in order to find just the right home.   As a team, Pete and Danielle list each home together, they spend a great deal of time on the personal aspects of each home, giving advice on staging and any needed repairs.  They carefully and intelligently provide pricing recommendations.  All of this is Genuinely designed to put the most money in the pockets of their Sellers.  Whether Buying or Selling, with the Kenney-Dusselier Team, you have Two Agents working for YOU, on your behalf, on a daily basis.  

Pete is experienced in the New and Ever Changing Climate in home sales.   Pete is a New Home Expert, having been a builder and Development Manager for many years.  If you are considering buying a home, (new or resale),  he can greatly assist you, and see to it that you are given excellent service.  We also are Proud to recently have gotten the job to market FOXBERRY ESTATES, a fabulous community on the cutting edge of the massive new growth planned for the east side of Lee's Summit.   Please visit www.foxberryestates.com   Foxberry offers amazing amenities and Affordable Lots, most backing to common area.  Foxberry offers an approx. 4800 square foot Clubhouse, overlooking a Massive L Shaped Zero Entry Pool with kids play water features.  Miles of Walking Trails are planned. 

For many years, the Kenney-Dusselier Team has been successful  in selling Resale Homes, and have a great deal of experience in this regard.  If you are thinking of selling your home, they can help you determine exactly what needs to be done.  If you need to make any repairs, Pete and Danielle have much experience in setting a home up to sell, for the least amount of expense.  Having bought and sold multiple homes, mostly in Lee's Summit, Pete know what it takes.  

If you will be buying a home, we have a long list of satisfied clients that would explain how we make every effort to ensure that the home is sound, the purchase is intelligent, and the negotiations go in your favor. Additionally, both Pete and Danielle act in the capacity as a Buyer's Agent for clients ready to purchase,  ready to help show you as many homes as you need to see, in order to make the very important decision.    We take as much time as you need, in finding just the right home, for the best possible price. It helps to have not 1, but 2 agents working for you.  

Danielle and Pete's biggest asset is that they really do care for their clients well being.  They really do.  They are not the type of agent who just wants to put together a deal and make a buck.  After the transaction is over, they are not going anywhere, they will be here for a long time, and loyalty is everything to the Kenney-Dusselier Team.    

Clients need and deserve an experienced person, working on their behalf.  Having been in this business for nearly 20 years, there is not much we have not seen.  The market has had its ups and downs, the one common denominator is You.  Our clients bests interests are what truly matters.